About us


Bcc:’ed is our take on the sense of exclusivity and its most intrinsic meaning.


Unique shoes.

“Made in italy” or “handmade”, actually, is nothing more than just a label.

Bcc:’ed is a journey through the ancient techniques of the shoemaking art, an homage to the our territory’s heritage, renowed for being the cradle of the best shoemaking, for centuries.



The market is centred on mass production and stuck on the concept of “seasonal”. We’re moving to the opposite direction.

Shoes made to cross the time, unbonded from the expiry date dictated by the fast-fashion industry.


After years spent learning the craft of shoemaking, we decided to produce exclusively in our local workshop, based in a town countryside in the Marche Region, Italy.

Our playground is made of old machinery and genuinely raw materials where our enthusiast technicians can express their vision and knowledge at its best, away from the factory rhythm and its enviromental impact.


Our approach consists of small bulk and single pairs.

A product conceived to be durable over time, establishing a connection, for those who want to experience the character and peculiarity of a shoe as it was done once upon a time, today.

Focusing on quality over quantity has always been part of our DNA.

Literally, “Bcc:’ed” stands for “blind carbon copy”, a message sent secretely.

What we’re doing, and how we do it, is our secret message for you.

At first glance it may seem just like another pair of shoes, but this time is going to be different.